Cheapflights once the king of the UK air travel market was losing market share to new and old competitors.

With crack UX, UI and development teams we set about changing that.

Designing and releasing a considerably friction-free native experience for both iOS and Android.



Making the complex simple

One-way flights, return flights, direct flights, indirect flights....all kinds of flghts.

My task was to take this complexity and give it a meaningful and cohesive design language within a simple intuitive interface.

As always I made sure that everything was true to the brand values and promise. "Smart search. Made simple".

Design principles

The principle "Progressive disclosure" reveals information only when the user requests it. Gently leading them into more complex data sets.

Simple, clear visual signposting allows the customer to know what to do next.

Complex results are easier to understand by making them bite-size.


Cheapflights was my first iOS and Android dual platform app.

I managed designers on both platforms to deliver a consistent and coherent design language.

Layouts and UI elements were customised to each platform to make them both feel and behave like native apps. This cut down considerable cognitive overload for both Android and iOS users as they did not need to learn 'a new way' of navigating their app. Everything felt intuitive and natural.