Make better investments

Fidelity's unique selling point is its knowledge.

Rather than have its customers dig down to find this we surfaced it at appropriate points in the iPad app experience.

Giving customers valuable insight and anaylisis at fund level and empowering them to make better investments.


SapientNitro's remit was to first build a prototype as proof of concept.

My role was in the first week UX support to get all the crazy ideas out of our system.

In the following 5 weeks we designed the UI in an agile environment delivering an iOS prototype which bowled over the client. As a result, the complete iPad app was approved.


Full build

Over 6 months we worked in our 3 teams of one UX and UI designer to complete all areas of the app.

Simultaneously Fidelity's brand was going through change and we had daily catchups with their brand teams here in the UK and US to make sure everything was on point. Pushing and stretching the brand where we could.

It's great when you have a team that is utterly professional and just 'gets it'. With UX and UI creative directors doing a fantastic job of managing a very complicated project.

Their insistence on only seeing the work at the same time as the client really built a high level of trust and respect most of all ownership in the team very quickly.


Generally, we all worked on everything. However, my team was specifically responsible for delivering the account overview and news sections. Defining interactions and the look and feel for them.

I would deliver not only flat designs but also animations, like the one below, to the client's iOS development team in India to show how things should move and behave.

It was a pleasant surprise when I returned from the Christmas break to find everything as it should be.